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Slime Jelly & Spot Slime Pudding

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Hi, everyone!!! Sorry for the bad pictures; I was in a rush trying to get them and my room’s lighting isn’t good lol…Anyway, here’s…

Murdaw’s small DQ giveaway

What you can win:

  • 1 pack of metallic monster stickers
  • 1 DQM Terry’s Wonderland Seal Collection pack
  • 1 Metal Charm Collection(v.2)
  • 2 different phone charm packs (Monster Mascot Collection and the one that doesn’t have a legible label)
  • 1 Slime/Important Item charm
  • 1 Slime Stacking box
  • 1 pack of trading cards
  • !~BONUS~! I will throw in duplicates of any crystal monster charms/phone straps I get :O

Sorry it’s not a whole lot!! I was aiming for a small pick-me-up sort of thing for the fandom. Also don’t laugh at the prize descriptions, I don’t know all their names lol.

And now for the rules and info!!


  • Reblog as much as you want. (It’ll still only count for +1 entry.)
  • Likes count. (+1 entry)
  • You can draw your favorite monster/character/hero/etc. and send it in! All submissions will be published. (+1 entry)
  • You don’t have to be following me, but followers will also get a small letter/note from me with monsters drawn on it! :> (it’s not a great prize, I know lol)
  • You have to be ok with giving me your address.
  • No sideblogs. (If it’s a blog you use regularly, that’s fine. Just no giveaway-only blogs)
  • Make sure it’s ok if you can have stuff sent to you ? Like if you’re living with your parents or something, get their permission.
  • Please have asks turned on so I can contact you if you’ve won!


  • Anyone can enter this. Even if you aren’t too active in the DQ tag or fandom, you can still reblog this! 
  • International shipping is fine, but I might ask for help depending on how much it is!
  • There will be 1 winner and they’ll be picked using random.org.
  • This giveaway will end on Sept. 30 at 10:00pm (EST).

That should be it…If this goes well then I might do a bigger one at some point! Probably with that one I’ll do more than just 1 winner, too.

Also I might add/fix stuff if I think of it later, be sure to check for updates! Good luck!!

Edit: I will ship internationally!!


能年 玲奈


Dragon Quest 4 / Madoka Magica OP

Epic fanmade video

Original is http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm16140336


Psaro transforms into Psaro the Manslayer


Psaro transforms into Psaro the Manslayer


From Gematsu:

Dragon Quest X

Dragon Quest XI is currently in development, series creator Yuji Horii said during a recent radio program.

Horii appeared on the FM West Tokyo Radio program Mangaku N-Channel SP, where he said the sequel was in development for the first time.

The program featured a look back at the